GIFs Vs Video

GIFs started as a little fun for tech-minded teens, but recently businesses are seeing the value of these eye-catching lightweight images that can do wonders for visual exposure. Videos can be big downloads if you’re following the quality...


The outlook for traditional media jobs doesn’t seem to be getting any brighter, new research finds. For the third year in a row, newspaper reporter was ranked as the worst job on CareerCast's 28th annual…

Part-Time Entrepreneur? Why It's the Way to Go

For some entrepreneurs, starting a business coincides with leaving the corporate world. These founders dive headfirst into self-employment and devote all of their waking hours to nurturing and growing their new companies. This wasn't the case for Patrick McGinnis.


The theory, over simplified, is that you will be successful if you mirror the lifestyle and habits of successful people. The magic word her is habits. For this to work you need to follow the following five rules religiously. …

What Millionaire Knows

He’s been the richest man in the world for decades, but there was a time when he, like so many, had nothing. He’s a college dropped out who liked to play around with computers, and he built a technological empire that forever change the world

Think Like Buffet

Just about every business coach and motivational trainer will tell you, if you think like Warren Buffet, and walk and talk like Warren Buffet, you will have the same lifestyle as Warren Buffet… eventually. The is a lot of conjecture about this theory, since the world has changed so much in the last thirty years.