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Where Do Billionaires Live?

According to Forbes there are now 2,043 billionaires around the world, but where do they live? If you had $1 billion or more, there would be no limit to where you could live? Think about it. What country? What region? Here’s a compilation of the top ten most popular residential cities for people who can live anywhere they want.

10. San Francisco, USA

Pacific Paradise
City by the bay

We start with the first of only two US cities to make the top ten. Known for all year-round fog, antique cable cars, the iconic Golden Gate Bridge, and well-kept Victorian houses, San Francisco enjoys the pleasant temperature of northern California. The hilly city looks out on astounding views of the Pacific Ocean and the infamous Alcatraz Island. San Francisco hosts thirty-two billionaires that have a combined net worth of over $86 billion.

9. Shenzhen, China

China is quietly growing
Modern China is growing fast

The First of an astounding four Chinese cities. This modern metropolis links Hong Kong to China’s mainland and is known for its amazing shopping destinations. The city’s modern feel comes from the glass covered skyscrapers, but it’s not all business, with several amusement parks scattered around the city limits. Shenzhen hosts thirty-five billionaires with a combined net worth of over $129 billion.

8. Seoul, Korea

Billionaire's paradise
At the center of Korea’s heart and Seoul

The capital of South Korea is a huge metropolis of skyscrapers overshadowing Buddhist temples, street markets, and ancient palaces. The high-tech public transportation might not be used by billionaires, but the rich heritage and culture is surrounded by natural gardens and there’s no shortage of theaters and rooftop restaurants. Seoul hosts thirty-seven billionaires with a total net worth of over $91 billion.

7. Shanghai, China

The City of Tomorrows is here
The Future is here

The second Chinese city to make the Billionaire’s favorite place on Earth. Shanghai is known to be a global financial hub. In the heart a famed waterfront lined there are colonial buildings overshadowed by the Pudong district’s modern skyline. There is the Sprawling Yu Garden with traditional towers, renewed pavilions, and flower gardens with ponds. Shanghai boast forty Billionaires with a combined net worth of $92 billion.

6. Mumbai

Mumbai, the underestimated city
Gateway to Paradise, but not for everyone

Formerly known as Bombay, this densely populated city is situated on India’s westerly coastline. A financial hub and India’s largest city, the Mumbai Harbor waterfront faces the iconic Gateway to India arch. Modern buildings look across the water to Elephant Island which features the cave temples of the Hindu god Shiva. Saturated in ancient cultures and traditional spacious properties among a tropical climate, Mumbai is favorite and home to 41 billionaires holding a combined net worth of $150 Billion.

Britain's pride and joy
Heritage and modernism colliding in London City Center

London and highly populated city with heritage stretching back to Roman times. Houses of Parliament, the iconic towering clock Big Ben, the London eye, and Westminster Abbey, the list goes on. Boasting some of the best nightlife in the world, the best shopping, and fine dining of every conceivable choice, 50 Billionaires with a combined worth of $217 Billion chose London as their home.

4. Beijing

The Chinese capital has over 3000 years of culture and history but is still known for its modern architecture among ancient and protected sites. With a very friendly climate, excellent dining and a high-society fond of parties and theater, there’s always somewhere for the 54 Billionaires to spend their combined net worth of $161 billion.

3. Moscow

Moscow on the River is an iconic city known for its cosmopolitan looks and deeply historic architecture. The Kremlin and Red Square are unmistakable but a thriving nightlife for the wealthy is often overlooked. Some of Europe’s best museums and famed theaters cater to high-society, and with some of the most expensive city apartments and penthouses in the world, the 73 Billionaires have plenty of reasons to enjoy their combined net worth of $300 Billion in Moscow.

2. Hong Kong

Formerly a British colony, number two is yet another Chinese city to host Billionaires. Its vibrant urban city feel is a central destination and major global hub for finance, and the skyscrapers on the horizon show exactly what Hong Kong has become over the last two decades… a city to be reckoned with. This metropolis features ancient architectural landmarks among Asia’s best shopping destinations, famed tailors, and unforgettable cuisine. 75 Billionaires live in Hong Kong with a combined net worth of $300 Billion.

1. New York

The city that never sleeps is perhaps ideal for people who don’t have to go to work in the morning. There are five boroughs around where the Hudson River meets the Atlantic Ocean, but in the middle of it all is the jewel of modern society… Manhattan. The world’s biggest and most popular commercial, financial, and cultural center full of iconic sites such as the Empire State Building, Central Park, Broadway, and Times Square. The largest concentration of fine-dining options and exclusive nightclubs too numerous to mention. From Fashion to Big fights, New York has everything and delights eighty-two billionaires with a combined net worth of $400 billion.

If you one day join the 3-comma-club, where would you like to lay your hat? Would you be in the thick of it, in a secure apartment building with security and a chauffeur driven limousines, or will you be far away from everyone in a paradise palace with private beach… or both?