The theory, over simplified, is that you will be successful if you mirror the lifestyle and habits of successful people. The magic word her is habits. For this to work you need to follow the following five rules religiously. Every day, no exceptions, no procrastinating excuses. Healthy habits… forever!

Write Everything Down

Write it or forget it
Always take notes

Millionaires record everything. Scraps of paper, little black book, back of the hand… writing it down will export your tasks and concepts into the physical world. Smartphones have notepads, sketch pads, task apps, you name it, but do you use any of them, and if yes, how often? Make it a habit to write everything down, even seemingly insignificant things. This will then create another habit which is to sit every evening and organize your notes. Delete what can be deleted and set tasks for what has potential or value.

Wake Up Call

get stuff done before 9am
Early birds get everything


This one is going to hurt. There is a very clear trend between successful people and those working 9 to 5 living on a budget. Set your alarm for 5am and you’ll be waking up with millionaires. Be warned… this doesn’t mean burning the candle at both ends. You’re going to need to go to bed at 10 pm, 11pm on weekends with a sleep-in. By doing this you can improve your personal efficiency by up to 40%. Imagine increasing your income by 40% every year. How much more might you have in five years.

You Are What You Eat

Racing cars do use unleaded 95
Eat healthy, be healthy

Also a difficult one to follow. Every cell in our body is replaced over a 7 year period. Our sleeping habits, exercise & diet dictate how well those cells are replaced. The food is literally the material that nourishes our bodies. You probably wouldn’t knowingly fill-up your car with watered down fuel, and yet millions of people consume low-nutrition food and drink every day. No need for crazy diets. Just stick to food that isn’t sold in packets. If there’s plastic around it, it’s a big no no!

Plan Your Day

Do more in less time
Organize ever minute of every hour

Take the first 15 minutes of your day to envision how you would like it to go. How are you going to act, walk, and talk? What are you going to do, how are you going to do it. That motivated spring in your step will be felt by everyone you come in contact with and will help ensure the day goes just as you wanted it to.

Goal Setting

Setting goals will get you to the top
know where you are going before you set off

Goal setting is far more effective than people think. Most people say they have goals, but when you ask them to write it down, you get “Get rich” or “Get Fit.”

Having a dream or lofty ambition is like choosing a distant destination on a map. Setting goals is like checking the map and aiming for milestone so you know exactly how far you’ve gone, and what to expect next. Without goals you will surely get lost in the great unknown, and end up settling for unwanted and unfamiliar territory.

Of course, becoming a millionaire takes a little more than these five habits. The truth is, you also need a great idea at just the right time, a large network of resources to help you build it, money to invest in it, and a steadfast unwillingness to quit until you get exactly what you want.