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Six reasons why people aren’t their own Boss

Becoming an entrepreneur is something many dream of and talk about, but when it comes down to actually doing it, very few have the willpower to get started and even less make it to the finish line.

Here are three excuses for not starting

  1. No money
  2. Not time
  3. Don’t know what to do

No money

This is the most common excuse, and it’s also the furthest from the truth. If you ask a millionaire for $100,000 so you can open a café, he’ll send you packing. If you investigate the cafes around town for a few months taking note of visitation numbers, prices, parking, public transport routes, then find a place to rent, calculate the cost of furniture, equipment and salaries, then throw in a marketing budget and a list of every bureaucratic license needed, you still won’t have need for the money just yet, but you’ll know a lot more than you did a few months ago.

If the location and the number


s look good, the millionaire will listen the next time you show up at his office. Anyone who says they don’t have access to the money hasn’t invested any time or effort and simply don’t deserve it.

No Time

There are 24 hours in every day. We work on average 8 or 9 hours. Add 7 or 8 hours sleep. You have 8 hours per day. Can you read or listen to audio tapes while travelling, eating and buying groceries? Becoming an entrepreneur requires a lot of learning and research, and if you uninstall Facebook and switch off the TV you’ll find you have plenty of time to expand your knowledge.

If you take a hammer and hit a concrete wall 100 times in different places, you’ll only make a lot of noise and mess. If you focus every strike on the same spot, and put everything you’ve got into every strike, you’ll break through. If you divide your time cultivating friendships, finding romance, achieving fitness, playing video-games, and staying current with Game of Thrones, your life will be noisy and messy. Get focused, and remove from your life any useless distractions. When you have your own business you’ll find the time to workout with friends and catch up on Game of Thrones cuddled up on the sofa with your partner.

Don’t know what to do

Around 95% of people leave the educational system with no major ambitions other than to get a job. In a job interview, the applicant is often asked to describe his or her strengths and weaknesses. Most people I’ve met hate the cliché question and think it’s stupid, but when I ask them what their strengths actually are… they don’t know.

To survive the grueling process of entrepreneurship you must first know your strengths and let them be at the core of whatever you choose to be. Sit in a quiet room and right down what comes easy to you. What do you enjoy doing? Now ask yourself which successful lifestyles or careers benefit from those skills and attributes. Make a list and start crossing the options off one by one. What remains, no matter how absurd or unlikely is the one for you.

Here are three reasons why people don’t finish

  1. It’s too hard
  2. Too many people are already doing it
  3. Scared

It’s Hard

Becoming your own boss, in most cases, means spending every waking hour available working on your dream. That means early mornings, late nights, weekends… for years… with no guarantee whatsoever. Humans are capable of pushing through such hardships when they are in mortal danger, but if the motivations are insufficient, most people will just give up and turn on the TV.

Those who keep going, in spite of the amounting disappointment, make to the finish line and become winners. Every millionaire past and present went through this rite of passage. Which sounds better? Soul crushing Hard work for three to five years followed by a lifetime of comfort and security, or hard work until the bitter end?

Too many people are doing it

How many shoe repair shops are there compared to shoe shops. The ratio varies but there are far more shoe shops. Why is this true? Because people throw shoes away more than they fix them. So a shoe shop is a better business than a shoe repair, and yet there are already so many!!! The trick to a new business is to find something popular that is growing, and do it better than everyone else. This is true for every industry and service. If nobody’s doing it, there’s a reason. If there are a lot of people doing it, there’s always room for one more.


The most honest reason for not taking a risk on yourself is that you are scared. Imagine being on a roller-coaster for the first time as it goes into a dark tunnel. It would be perfectly normal to feel a little scared. It turns out nothing unexpected happens in the tunnel and the ride simply slows to an easy end. The second time you ride the roller-coaster, does the tunnel inspire fear? No, because you already know the end.

Often, that fear of the unknown causes the appearance of the very things we fear. If you start out on your entrepreneurial adventure knowing 100% that you will succeed within three years, you won’t feel apprehension at all and instead focus on moving forward at full speed.

In conclusion

Not everyone is cut out to be an entrepreneur. If you are, then read this article often, it will empower you.

  • Do what you love
  • Work hard
  • Be patient
  • Never quit
  • Stay positive

You’ve heard the expression, seeing is believing. In reality it’s the other way… believing is seeing, so start believing in yourself!