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GIFs Vs Video

Giff counting

GIFs started as a little fun for tech-minded teens, but recently businesses are seeing the value of these eye-catching lightweight images that can do wonders for visual exposure. Videos can be big downloads if you’re following the quality recommendations and going 1080. They are usually to way long, and tend to need the audio to get across the point.

Marketing companies are starting to use GIFs for much more than they were originally intended. Emails are still one of the most effective and targeted marketing tools and with fresh GIFs your readers won’t stand a chance.

Mobile devices now hold the traffic throne with 80% of internet views occurring on the go. If you need a video that can convey your entire message in seconds with a minimum drain on data and CPU, GIF is the answer.

How to create a GIF

Not so long ago the only way was to use expensive complicated video editing software that had the rare function of rendering for Gif. Some people still do that, but the easiest way to make a Gif is to just use one of the free online services. A simple Google search for “Gif maker” will provide plenty of options. Try a few of the page one search results and you’ll soon realize they are mostly the same. See which user interface suits you best.

You create a GIF easily from a YouTube video by simply finding the video in which you want to use, then adding the URL and setting the start and end points. Save and download and you’re done.

Using them on your site is equally easy to do. GIFs are recognized as standard images by most software site builders and blogs such as WordPress. Simply add them to your site or blog as you would any image, and enjoy the fast and eye-catching animation.

Tips to making a killer GIF


  1. Don’t make the GIF more than 7 seconds. The attention span of your audience is getting shorter with every generation, along with their patience. If you can’t catch their interest straight away then you’re lost.
  2. Made you look! Remember that game when you were a kid? It didn’t change. Curiosity is the name of the game so make sure you inspire them. Shocking, not fully disclosed, secretive. Don’t shout. Tease and tempt.
  3. Consider how it looks the second time around. They likely didn’t see the first one or two seconds, so give them a reason to watch it again or make it hypnotically repetitive.