While you’re working towards your lofty goal or dream, you could perhaps use a little extra cash right now. Here are five ways to start making an income.

1. Drive for Uber

the end of taxi companies
Uber on the move

Download the app, sign in, and start listening to music while you wait. You’ll get a call soon enough and start making money the same day. You can drive as much or as little as you like, and it’s an honest living.

2. Manage Social Media Marketing For Small Businesses

social media in a glance
social media mania

Every small businesses need to be using social media these days, but many don’t have the computer savvy to do it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, SnapChat, they are all time eaters and require constant scheduled maintenance to make a difference. Set up your own social media marketing and advertise your services as a Social Media Manager then start contacting small companies with an offer.

3. Sell Yourself

The life of a Freelancer
Working from home

Creating photo slideshows, writing advertising pages, sites such as Fiverr and Upwork will connect you with people who will pay for your help. Has anyone ever asked you to help them with something? If you have a skill that could be we as a service, register yourself and turn your free time into a freelancing moneymaker.

4. Teach on Skype

A Skype lesson in progress
Teaching on Skype

What skill can you do that other people couldn’t without training? Could you teach it? Teaching on Skype and getting paid through PayPal is a great way to earn a little rainy day money, and social media is a fantastic place to get your clients. Target Facebook groups that have an interest in what you do and they’ll be lining up in no time.

5. Sell Things Online

Online shopping

The quick and easy way to make a little money is to sign up as an affiliate with Amazon and other shopping outlets. Once you have an I.D. you can post links on Facebook and other online platforms and make commission for every sale. The sign up typically takes 24 hours but in most cases it can be less than 12 hours.

There you have it. Start making money by tomorrow. All you have to do is decide. Every little counts, and in a year you may well need that accumulated extra.