Top 10 First-Class Airline Cabins for Summer Travel

10: Qantas First Class


With a safety record that is second to none, Australia-based Qantas also has a reputation for refinement. Each premier pod in the First Class section contains an oversize seat that fully extends to accommodate a sheepskin mattress and a bounty of bedding. When awake, passengers can easily pass the time with a 17-inch entertainment system programmed with movies, games, and radio channels—all enjoyed with noise-canceling headphones.


In-flight meals—a gastronomic eight-course tasting menu—are prepared by Australia’s culinary giant, chef Neil Perry. A la carte entrées are also of equal excellence. Those who prefer wine when they dine have access to Sommeliers in the Sky who will pair dinner with the ideal varietal and vintage. This atmosphere of elegance may have a few feeling underdressed in Qantas’s complimentary cotton sleeping suits, but not to worry—a jacket is not required. Fare example at time of writing: one-way, first-class from Los Angeles to Sydney is about $10,000.

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