From online solutions to screaming from the rooftops, when your trying to launch your business you have to try everything.

Starting a business from the ground up is challenging and getting customers to “find and buy” sometimes seems impossible. Chance might seem play a major role, but creative thinking and a good marketing strategy is what makes people look lucky.


It’s perhaps the one thing a new company owner does not want to do, but it’s also one of the most effective ways to get your brand on the map. Calling potential clients and introducing yourself as the CEO can open doors that a salesforce can’t and solidify relationships that will help your company grow.

If you don’t get traction in the first few minutes, ask them (casually) who they think might benefit from your product or service. When you call the referral and drop the previous name, you’ll have a much easier time striking up a dialogue. Get an agreement or meeting time before you hang up and ask for the next referral. Follow up everyone… without exception.

Go to events

It’s great to hear what industry professionals have to say in the main hall, but the best part of any seminar is networking. Get your business cards and brochures ready… it’s time to put on your best smile and start shaking hands. Take a gift with you that won’t be dropped in the hotel bin the next day. Pens are out of style, so get creative. A business card holder is a great way to keep new contacts organized, so why not hand out those as a gift… with your company details on the front and back.

Speak at events

People love celebrities, but it’s not just the notoriety that helps. Getting on stage and proving your knowledge in front of people gets you noticed. You might no less than others in the room, but you’ll get plenty of handshakes after a thought-provoking presentation in front of 2000 people.

Free Stuff

Everybody loves free stuff. A relocating fitness coach offering the first session for free might work his or her a$$ off for a few weeks without financial reward, but they’ll have plenty of new clients by the end of the month. Now imagine that coach offering existing clients a free session for a referral (who also gets a free session). By the end of the first quarter the appointment schedule will be full. Giving is receiving, one of the oldest rules in the book, and it still works so be generous and patient.

YouTube Reviews

Go to Fiverr.com and hire someone to review and post your product. They’ll do it for next to nothing so long as they get to keep whatever product they are reviewing. They will become an independent marketing source like the affiliates and you’ll be able to feature the video on your site.

Hire affiliate marketers

Join an affiliate network as a merchant. There are networks with everything in place from sales pages to tracking and commissions. All you do is offer to share your profits and slowly build an army of people to promote (for free) your company. In no time they’ll be blogs and social media pages saying how amazing your products are.

Go Viral

The dream of any new business owner is to have a company post go viral. Build a page that perfectly showcases your product, then make a related post that leads to that page. Imagine waking up one morning to see two million people have viewed your website. See what kind of posts are trending right now and try to repeat the process with fresh content relevant to your business.