Most first-time video producers for YouTube make a similar set of mistakes then quit and move on to other things. Some keep experimenting and pass the zero profit period and start to make a modest income. Once you can make a routine amount, it only takes up-scaling and cloning to start making real money from YouTube videos.

Beginners tend to think it’s just, slap a video together, switch on AdSense, and watch as the passive income rolls in. Before you can monetize your productions, you need to know how to generate interest and traffic. Without viewers you are nothing and so is your income. Here are the some tips to save you a lot of time and head scratching.


Is your video enhancing somebodies life? The sharing of knowledge is good, but did it make a difference to their life or actions? Will they do something better after seeing your video? Will they be able to do something they couldn’t before? A full HD video introducing two new species of butterfly might be informative and even visually appealing, but it’s going to be forgotten in minutes and it won’t inspire masses of people to buy your book on nature. Be life changing, or keep it as a hobby.

Added Value

The product you are leading visitors to should be an extension of what your video is about. Let’s use fitness as an example. You get people to your video which explains how to build godlike forearms in just six weeks. Your information is fresh and insightful, clear, sets precise goals and routines, and guarantees results. You end your video with “Thanks for watching. If you’ve got a wedding coming up, or you just want a beach body before the summer starts, click the link below to see how to make a noticeable change to your whole body in less than a month.”

The viewers received valuable insights for free and are being enticed by something even better in the same field. People who enjoyed and appreciated your free content are more likely to put their hand in their pocket for something even better, so give, give, give before you ask.

Headline and thumbnail

This sounds amateurish, but eye-popping headlines and thumbnails creates your native traffic. Think about a viral video for a second. A top watched video will get millions of views in a single day, because it’s a top watched video, but it had to get there in the first place. How many views would your video get if YouTube accidently put your video in the most popular list? Would your headline and image standout against the heavy hitters?

Take a look at who is succeeding in your field, and adapt their approach to fit your product or service. Use keywords in everything, including your file names and file metadata. Leave no stone unturned.

So, back to the start. You’ve uploaded a fully optimized video leading to your fairly priced product, and your friends have been kind enough to like and share. Now you have 27 thumbs-up. Now what?

Create a shorter and enticing version of your video to blast all over social media. Friends, groups, pages, everywhere. Boost your post for a few bucks with targeted audience and keywords. Expose your url to as many people as possible in the period of a week. Your ratings will go up significantly as a temporary spike. With higher ratings, YouTube will expose you to more people using your keywords, which means more people see you, which means your ratings will go up… you get the idea. If you’re lucky you’ll get page one of your main keyword. If you’re really lucky you’ll hear two complete strangers talking about your video in a coffee-shop. Good luck.