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Does Google AdSense make sense?

Google AdSense is an advertising program providing ads that can be seen on your blog or site. The premise is simple. If your visitors click an Ad, you get paid. Wow… it’s amazing. Not really! The truth is, people don’t really click banners any more. There’s even a physiological term call Banner Blindness (people not noticing adverts on the page). The numbers really vary but if it’s well targeted you can hope for about 1 in 1000 visitors clicking something. A click pays around $1 so if you want to make $5000 per month you’re going to need around 160,000 visitors to your site per day.

Having more ads can reduce that visitation requirement but having two ads doesn’t mean you’ll only need 80,000 visitors. Bloggers really don’t make that much money renting out space on their page, but 1 million bloggers each with 6 AdSense ads amounts to quite a network for advertisers to capture new clients.

There’s really no secret to this. Routine hard work, creative content, and plenty of time can build up a loyal visitor following. When you’ve the visitation numbers, anything is possible.

A few Tips

  1. Create a theme that is widely interesting and has the potential for viral posts. If you have a site on how to turn old shoes into plant pots then you’re barking up the wrong tree.
  2. Create interesting and engaging content with original and eye-popping images. The sort of thing someone would actually want to share.
  3. Get your URL out to hundreds of thousands of people… consistently.

If you can say “done that” for all three, then you are ready to put Adsense banners on your site.

Unless you are an advertising guru with a hot new idea, it’s going to take you years to build up a significant income from AdSense, and you must understand you will be a slave to your keyboard… forever. If you’re just looking for notoriety and a couple of hundred bucks per week then do it, if you’re looking to quit your day job, then you’re going to have to hustle for quite a while.