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Affiliate Marketing in 2017

When it comes to working from home, Affiliate Marketing is in the top five options many people gravitate to, but what most of them don’t realize is just how hard it is. We ask the question, is it still worth getting into in 2017?

What is affiliate marketing?

That depends on from which side you are looking. Do you have a site and want to make money from it, or do you have a product or service and are looking for more online exposure?


Monetizing your pages

Affiliate marketing is making plenty of people a decent living from the comfort of their homes, but it’s not as easy as it sounds.

Join an Affiliate network, browse their marketplace, and select a product you think you can sell then add it to your blog or site and sit back as the money roles in… not exactly.

Hobby topics

Some bloggers target micro-niches. Imagine a site that makes $3 -$4 per day selling clothes for pets. Now imagine owning another 1oo sites of equal absurdity. You’re making $10,000 per month from the comfort of your home, no boss, no Monday mornings. It’s a dream come true. The problem is it takes years to build up such a business and every waking hour you have available to maintain and update your 100 sites. NO DAYS OFF FOR YOU!

Trendy Sells

The other way is to jump on the trending train and enjoy the native traffic you can get with keywords. “Get the Kardashian Summer collection for less than $200” might provoke massive interest for a while, and you can make a killing if your timing is right, but you’d better have what you’re promising, or your sales (conversions) will be tragic. Make sure the theme of your site perfectly matches whatever customer you are targeting. If your site is themed for motorcycle enthusiasts, you won’t sell many baby monitors… no matter how good your reviews are.

As with job hunting and romance, selling is a numbers game so if your site or blog isn’t getting thousands of visitors per week, you won’t be quitting your day job anytime soon, no matter how targeted your products are.


We’ve mentioned the difficulties of promoting someone else’s product, but what about if you are the merchant looking to get your product or service noticed. The internet is a huge, busy, and noisy place and getting noticed is harder than ever.

Imagine standing in a massive crowd during a football game shouting at the top of your voice “LOOK AT ME!” Apart from the few people standing right next to you (telling you to shut up), nobody will pay any attention. But what if you convinced twenty people around you to stand up, point at you and say “look at him!” if curiosity is stirred sufficiently then more will look and the attention will go viral. Before you know it, the TV cameras are interested too and broadcasting your face nationwide. This in effect is affiliate marketing… when it works!

Imagine an army of willing bloggers and site owners all promoting your product without asking for anything in return. They do it because they share in your success by way of an agreed percentage from your sales profits.

Whether you are a merchant or an affiliate, getting noticed in the noisy online world is the only way to earn a living, and it’s not easy. You’re going to need multiple triggers including social media, emails, and possibly some advertising, and you’re going to need to do it all at the same time to get the viral engine started, so plan everything to a single launch date and then make a really big noise for as long as possible.